Advertising with Pretty Hair is Fun

Pretty Hair is Fun! welcomes PR opportunities! I have very reasonable rates, offer reviews, text links, and graphics. Feel free to email me at with any product reviews, giveaways or special promotions. I will respond to each email asap. I am open to a smattering of products, especially those that would be of interest to any woman, mother, and/or children. I am a married SAHM in my early 30’s. Any product will be considered.

My personal preferences might be: hair accessories, hair care products, skincare, makeup, jewelry for big and little girls, purses, clothes for children,family projects, toys, organization products, etc. My promise to my readers is to be upstanding and not to advertise anything that goes against my personal values.

GIVEAWAYS: Pretty Hair is Fun loves doing Giveaways. Each giveaway will be featured in it’s own post with the product/service description, and explanation for entering. Giveaways are open to all US residents. I’ll give the giveaway product the top posting spot for a week, which is how long I will run a giveaway. I also visit other blogs and encourage people to see my giveaway through other social networking. If you are interested in giving away a gift certificate, please note that any amount less than the products shown on your website (including shipping) will be considered a discounted gift certificate. Shipping will be taken care of by your company. I will provide you with all the necessary information needed for the winner. Shipping must be completed within 7 days to the winner unless other and/or prior arrangements have been made. PHIF will post the winner within 1 day of the giveway ending, and the winner will be chosen by the widget.

PRODUCT REVIEWS: If your product is kid friendly, please note that I have three young daughters. My reviews may include pictures from your website or of my family using the product if occasion calls for it. I promise not to write a negative or disparaging review. If I find that I cannot write a review in a positive manner, the review will not be written, and no payment is required. In this case, the products may be returned if your company is willing to cover return shipping. I give my honest opinion on reviews and do not have the time to send products back.

ADVERTISING: I accept graphics in the form of 125 x 125 buttons and will post these in my “Sponsor/Advertising” section. I also will do text links as well.  I do accept Paypal. Please contact me for my reasonable rates at As I mentioned previously, I will not advertise any product or business that goes against my moral values. Please contact me for any special requests and I will do my best to accommodate your  product.