About Me

How Pretty Hair is Fun came to be…..




I am a mother, first and foremost, of three little princesses. I have always loved doing hair, and even attended cosmetology school.  I began blogging about doing hair because I have a lot of hair to fix every day, and after searching for some hairstyle ideas myself, and seeing what was (or wasn’t) out there, I decided to create my own hair blog. It was an easy solution to also answer other people’s questions about how I did a lot of the hairstyles my girls wore.

So, in August of 2009, with a 6 and 3 year old, and a whole lot of hair, we began Pretty Hair is Fun, or as it was back then, shaunellshair. Since this began, we have added one more princess to the crew, and the need for more hairstyle variety has increased. My girls (and amazing husband!) are wonderful, and have contributed so much to this undertaking, as it truly is a family effort to maintain this blog.

I love spending the time with my girls, and fueling my creativity all at the same time. I think nothing is more important than my daughters (and yours) to have a good sense of self, and a healthy self esteem. By spending the time each day and teaching them to take care of not only their hair, but themselves, I hope to teach them self respect. I believe if you respect yourself, and present your best self to the world (physically, spiritually, and emotionally), you will expect the same in return. I also teach them that it is showing respect to others, when they practice self care. Your daughters, and all children, need to know how important and special they are each and every day!

I am also a Mormon. If you’d like to learn more about why this is such an amazing wonderful blessing in our lives, and makes our family GREAT, then email me here: girlzhair@gmail.com. I’d love to tell you more!

If you want to send me suggestions, ideas, pleas for help–please do!! I do read my emails–but not always every day or even every week! I am mom, and family is always first! But I WILL read your message and I will reply! If you want me to see it faster–best bet is to message me on my Facebook page! Be sure to subscribe to our Tuesday Tutorials on YouTube as well for all the latest!

We hope you enjoy visiting and hopefully contributing. We love being a family and thank you for visiting!