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Side French Lace Braid - Pretty Hair is Fun

Watch Aislyn’s first tutorial–How to do a side lace French braid! This is a great and easy braid for beginners. If you are starting to learn to braid on your own, then give this simple braid a try! It’s a lace braid (meaning you add hair in from one side only) in a french style. It’s super cute for summer, and takes about 5 minutes or less!
Side French Lace Braid - Pretty Hair is Fun

For this hairstyle you will need:
One elastic
About 5 minutes
Skill level- Beginner

Hairstyle Instructions:

~1. Comb or brush hair to one side, doing a side or center part. It’s easier to have all the hair over your shoulder.

~2. Part off a small section up by face, dividing into three strands for a three strand braid. Begin a three strand braid.

~3. To do a lace braid, begin adding in hair to one side only. Pick up large sections from hair over the shoulder.

~4. Continue adding in hair until all the hair from the head is added in, making sure to get in all in before going down past the chin.

~5. Braid as far down as you like!

You are done!

Side French Lace Braid - Pretty Hair is Fun

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Happy Summer!!