How to do a Dutch Lace Braids Updo | Pretty Hair is Fun


Dutch Lace Braid Updo | Pretty Hair is Fun Dutch Lace Braid Updo | Pretty Hair is Fun

 A lace braid is a french or dutch style braid where you only add hair in from one side instead of two. We like the variety it gives in this cute and easy updo that is GREAT for summer! Is school finished for summer at your house too? We are so excited to kick back, enjoy the sun and sleeping in, and trying out some fun new hairstyles that keep hair up and out of your face. We hope you’ll like this new style! We use two lace dutch braids and one large twist braid in this hairstyle.
Dutch Lace Braid Updo | Pretty Hair is Fun

For this cute updo you will need:
10 minutes or so
A few elastics and a strong ponytail, and a small bunch of bobby pins
A comb to part with
Beginner to medium hair skills 😊

Hairstyle Instructions:

~1. Part hair in a side part, and divide that front section in half (See pic above). Clip off rest of the hair, and half of front section.

~2. Do a Dutch lace braid in front section, only adding in hair from back, keeping braid close to the face. Pull the braid wide on the left side (or side closest to the face) as you go.

~3. Repeat on second section of the front. Braid both long enough to reach to back of the head, pulling them wide as you go.

~4. After braids are finished, pull rest of the hair into a mid height ponytail, leaving out the braids.

~5. Braid the ponytail into a loose rope twist braid. Pull wide after.

~6. Wrap rope twist braid around ponytail base, creating a large loose flower bun. Bobby pin in place.

~7. Take braids, one at a time, and wrap up and around base of bun, pinning in place.

~8. Once everything is pinned and secure, you are done!!

Dutch Lace Braid Updo | Pretty Hair is Fun

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Who’s excited for SUMMER!? We certainly are ready to enjoy it! If you have any fun suggestions or ideas for MORE summer hairstyles, let us know! Message me on FB or on IG or leave a comment in our weekly video! Be sure to subscribe to our channel and see you next week!