Pretty Hair is Fun: Princess French Braid


Pretty Hair is Fun: Princess French Braid
Pretty Hair is Fun: Princess French Braid

Come try this easy and cute french braid. 😊It puts a little twist and glam into your everyday braid in just a few extra minutes. Aislyn has been doing this in her hair for a few months now, so we thought we’d share. 😍 We picked “princess french braid’ because we thought the two twists coming around ‘crowned’ the braid, and also looked like a tiara. πŸ™‚
Pretty Hair is Fun: Princess French Braid

All you need is about 10 minutes, 2 or 3 elastics, and medium to long hair for this style! This is a great hairstyle for beginners too!

~1. Part hair on side. Scoop out two sections from front on larger side. I angle part with my pinky finger from forehead up to crown of head.

~2. Roll this section of hair until it will reach the middle of her head in back. With second section parted off, do a twist braid as long as the roll.

~3. Repeat a the roll on the left side of the part and bring to middle of head. Join together with the first two sections in the middle with an elastic. I wrapped the two sections from right side around each other first.

~4. After the twists are secured together, pick up two sections of hair on either side of the ponytail, and begin a french braid, incorporating the ponytail as the third section.

~5. Braid to ends and pull wide if desired.

We hope you love this style and will share your versions with us!! Find us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!!




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