Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Dutch Braids


Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Dutch Braids

If you follow us on Instagram (@prettyhairisfun) you would have seen this fun dutch braid hairstyle last week, when we were trying it out! (If you don’t follow us yet– GET ON IT! 😜 We’d love to see ya!) We thought it would be a cute braided hairstyle to show ya how to do. If you haven’t figured it out yet, dutch braids are my GO TO braid– I don’t know why, but we really don’t have the time to do other fancier braids 99% of the time, and dutch braids are the quickest for me. We are all about hairstyles that are FAST, CUTE, and FUN. 😅 What is YOUR go to style?

Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Dutch Braids Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Dutch Braids
We were laughing at our matching plaid……and of course braided pigtails on Aislyn. She just needed some straw to pop in her mouth. 😋

What do you think of her shiny new teeth?? I’m loving seeing her without her braces (for now). My kids were blessed with large teeth that don’t fit in their tiny mouths, so I fear this is only round 1 with the braces. Counting my blessings though……because at least they are cavity free, right!?
Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Dutch Braids

Hairstyle Instructions

For this hairstyle, you will need:
5-10 minutes
2 elastics
brush/comb to part with
hairspray if you wish
This is a super hairstyle for school mornings, for cheer, dance, gymnastics, you name it!

~1. Part hair in middle from forehead to crown.

~2. Begin a dutch braid on one side near forehead, angling the part on the hair you pick up. Angle braid to go across opposite shoulder.

~3. Once you get behind the ear, pick up one more section behind ear, and then one more from top. Braid down a few more inches and have her hold the braid.

~4. Repeat on opposite side.

~5. After both front sides are braided, and she is holding both sides, brush smooth the hair in the back. Take your hand and coming up under the hair by her neck, separate in half from the bottom up. This will eliminate part lines on the top. Push one side over her shoulder.

~6. Take the braid above the section you pushed over her shoulder and bring across the back the back of the head, angling it toward the separated hair that isn’t pushed forward. Angle the braid so hair lays smooth, and where it meets the loose hair from opposite side, begin adding it to the braid, in a french style.

~7. Continue this around and under her opposite ear, and then braid to the ends of the hair, finishing on the opposite side from where the braid began.

~8. Repeat on other side, just laying the 2nd braid across the first braid, creating an X, and picking up hair from the opposite side.

~9. Spray with hairspray and you are done!

Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Dutch Braids

Enjoy! We love you guys! Have a great week and we’d love it if you shared this video!