Pretty Hair is Fun: Teaching your child healthy haircare habits: Guest Post

Teaching your child healthy haircare habits


There are many things you need to teach your child as they grow up – healthy living, good hygiene, how to get on with others. Something we don’t often discuss is how to help kids look after their hair.

This may sound small, but who wants their child to have greasy locks or head lice in adulthood? No one! That’s why helping your little one to look after their hair is just another task in the epic job that is parenting.

To get you started here are our favorite tips for teaching healthy haircare habits, from the key basics to doing a fancy halo braid and more.

There are some fundamentals when it comes to haircare. It’s important to get these right before moving on to anything more complicated. Our list of fundamental haircare priorities is as follows:


  • Getting into a regular cleaning routine.
  • Using the appropriate product.
  • Making sure your child knows how to wash their hair effectively.
  • Knowing when conditioner is required.
  • Gentle drying techniques.
  • Brushing hair to remove knots and look smart.
  • Why you shouldn’t pick hairs from your head and the consequences of doing so.
  • How to prevent and spot head lice.


Talk through each of these topics with your child and make sure they understand them fully – in both theory and practice. Once they’ve got the basics you can start on the more fun haircare activities. Try out different styles with your kids and play around. Along with ponytails, pig tails and buns, one great bonding activity is to teach them braiding. There are lots of different types of braids, but some of our favorites are:

  • halo braid
  • classic French plait
  • fish tail plaits
  • multi-colored braids

Each of these different styles requires a bit of skill and effort to get right. Have a look at one of the many online tutorials then relay the information you gained to your kids.

You could even get your little one to watch the videos first and see whether they understand the technique enough to show you. Not only will this teach them good haircare standards, it will also help your child practice their manual dexterity and fine motor skills.

There are lots of enjoyable things you can do with your child when it comes to hair and by teaching them healthy haircare habits you’re setting them up for life. So go get that comb, learn how to make a halo braid and more, and have some haircare-based fun.