Pretty Hair is Fun: French Braid/ Dutch Braid Combo

#phifbraidcombo Pretty Hair is Fun: French Braid/Dutch Braid Combo

Pretty Hair is Fun: French Braid/Dutch Braid Combo

We love this braid! If you can dutch braid and french braid– then you have this in the bag. This fun braid just combines the two braids together, twisting back and forth between, to create a cute new hairstyle look. This hairdo has become an everyday school morning fave. It’s as easy as either of the two braids and just as fast.

Pretty Hair is Fun: French Braid/Dutch Braid Combo
For this hairstyle you will need:
Beginner hairstyle skills (master the two braids and you are set!)
5 minutes
One elastic
Brush and/or comb

If you need refreshers on either a French or Dutch braid– take a peek at our tutorials, found on our ‘Braid Playlist” here:…

Hairstyle Instructions:

~1. Begin a 3 strand french braid. Complete 2-3 stitches of the braid, adding hair in from both sides.

~2. After doing a few stitches, pick up the next section to be crossed over, and before adding hair, cross it over the middle section, and then around the outside section as well, and bring it up through the middle. This is what transitions the french braid to a dutch braid. Once the piece that you wrapped around is in the middle, continue the braid as a dutch braid, and cross the next piece under the middle piece.

~3. Add hair from the head to the piece that just got crossed under. It should be the opposite side of where you picked up hair before.

~4. To transition back to french braid after doing a few dutch braid stitches, continue in same way. Take the piece that is next to be crossed under, and pass it under the outside piece, and the middle, and around the other side to make it come up over the outside and be in the middle on top. This should transition you back to a french braid.

~5. Cross the next strand over the middle and add hair, again from the opposite side as last time.

~6. Continue to the ends of the hair.

~7. You can pull this braid wide as you go to make it look more messy and full.

~8. Spray with hairspray and go and enjoy your new look!

Pretty Hair is Fun: French Braid/Dutch Braid Combo

Best xoxo!