Pretty Hair is Fun: Pull Through Hair Bow Combo Braids


Pretty Hair is Fun: pull through hair bow combo

Check out the girls’ hairstyle tutorial this week! Aislyn let Cetera try out a cute new hairbow hairstyle with pull through ponytails It’s cute, and it’s perfect if you are a beginner! Great for long hair and medium length hair, and I love this on toddlers on up!
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Pretty Hair is Fun: pull through hair bow combo Pretty Hair is Fun: pull through hair bow combo

Hairstyle Instructions:

Time: 5-10 Minutes

Difficulty: Beginner to Medium

Materials needed:

Elastics and bobby pins
Pretty Hair is Fun: pull through hair bow combo

~1. Part off a small section in front and on top of hair. Put in an elastic, not securing it too tightly.

~2. Using a topsy tail or a rattail comb, do a pull through pony.

~3. Do 2-3 more, continuing to pull up the hair in similar size sections.

~4. After last pull through, pull up one more section, and put in an elastic. On last pull through, pull through only until you have a small loop and leave it.

~5. Split the loop cleanly in half, and shape into flattened loops to each side of the pony. These are the ‘bow’ loops. Secure with a bobby pin to the head- one on the top of each loop, and one on the bottom.

~6. Next, take a small section of the pony hanging down, and using the topsy tail again, pull it up and through elastic, bringing it down, covering the elastic and also the middle of the two separated loops. This completes the ‘bow’ look. Use bobby pins in top and bottom to secure.

~7. Adjust where necessary and you are done!

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