Pretty Hair is Fun: How To: Fishtail and Pull Through Braid Combo


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This week’s tutorial is a gorgeous hairstyle I saw somewhere on social media (can’t remember where- Mom brain), but I loved it and wanted to do my own version! I love a fishtail braid period– so anytime I can incorporate it into a cute combo hairstyle, it’s a win for me! I love how they look pulled wide, and combined with the pull through braid here, I just love how this turned out. Aislyn was sweet to let me do this braid combo on her lovely locks. 🙂 This is a great look for school, going out, for church, or for really any activity! It stayed in beautifully all day, and she seriously got so many compliments! (Not that that’s why we do our hair, but hey–a compliment is always appreciated!).
Pretty Hair is Fun: Fishtail Pull Through Braid Combo Pretty Hair is Fun: Fishtail Pull Through Braid Combo

For this hairstyle you will need:
10-15 min depending on length of hair
Good handful of clear elastics
This is a hairstyle that a beginner could totally do!

Hairstyle Instructions:

~1.Split hair in center, and just behind ears. I did a loose fishtail braid in each section, braiding to reach the middle center of her head, and pulling the braid wide as I go.

~2. I pulled all the hair into a low back ponytail, and adding in the two side braids. I used a clear elastic.

~3. I wrapped the ponytail, grabbing a thin section of hair from under the ponytail, and wrapping it around the elastic. I used my topsy tail to secure it. Stick the pointy end behind the elastic, and then down through the ponytail, and put end of hair wrapped around in hole, and pull through.

~4. In the ponytail I did a split pull through braid, but to the front. I picked up two sections, one on either side, of the ponytail, from the back, and brought them forward and fastened loosely with a clear elastic. I pulled on both sections to give it a bow look and make it wider.

~5. I continued this pattern down the length of the ponytail. You can scoot the elastic up and closer to previous elastic by splitting ponytail and pulling apart. This helps the elastics be covered. Keep pulling each section wide to make the ‘braid’ look fuller.

~6. At the end, bring two sections from behind and lay on top of the rest of the hair. Put in elastic and tug on two sections on top to create the rest of the pulled ponytail look.

~7. Spray with hairspray and you are done!

Pretty Hair is Fun: Fishtail Pull Through Braid Combo

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