Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Braids for Little Girls


Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Braids Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Braids Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Braids

I apologize for the lateness in this blog post……….Someone was kind enough to share some nasty germs with me last week, and I was in the land of the dead for about 6 days straight. Believe me when I say, nothing was accomplished other than me catching up on a LOT of tv. :/

SO- here is a little gem for you though– one that has always garnered a lot of compliments (always gratifying, right!?), and doesn’t take too much time.

We also tried out this awesome new stuff:

Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Braids

We found this at Sallys, and we are loving it. We tried it out in our video–so go take a peek if you haven’t already. I really had no negatives about this cream: no sticky residue, no flakiness, smelled great, and kept the hair nice and smooth.

Hair instructions:

For this hairstyle you will need:
8 clear elastics
About 10 minutes
Level of difficulty– Beginners will love this!

I also worked the Braid Cream all through her hair prior to braiding. This hairstyle works great on wet hair! (plus the cream says to put it in wet hair).

~1. Part hair- down the middle, and divide front into four even sections, from just behind the ears.

~2. Do simple three strand braids in each of the four front sections, down to ends of hair.

~3. Comb one of large back sections smooth and gather into ponytail. Take the two front braids from the opposite side of the head and drape them over the back of the head, and secure into ponytail.

~4. Repeat on opposite side, but weave braids through the sides pulled across. For top braid, layer first under other top braid, then over bottom braid. For lower braid, weave over top braid, then under next braid, creating a criss cross. Fasten securely into ponytail.

~5. I then braided the hanging ponytails, keeping in the smaller braid, and braided the hair to the ends with a three strand braid.

~6. Spray well with spray and you are done!

Here is our before and after pics when we used the cream. There are about 7 hours in between.

Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Braids Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Braids Pretty Hair is Fun: Criss Cross Braids

I just love this little face. 🙂

We hope you love this as much as we did. The front braids stayed so nice– I kept them in the next day for church and just redid the back part again. 😉

Hope you have a fabulous week!!! I’m off on my travels this week, so be watching for my posts–#phifhairtravel!

Best 🙂