Pretty Hair is Fun: Half Up Hair Flower

#phifhairflower Pretty Hair is Fun: Half Up Hair Flower

Since making this video, I’ve literally done this hairstyle a dozen times at least on my girls. I just absolutely LOVE everything about it! It is SO ridiculously easy, and fast, and honestly–just always turns out cute! My girls (with long hair) both love having their hair down, so this is a winwin. It’s out of their face (check), it looks adorable (check), and it’s super fast and thus, an option for school mornings (check). We really leave about 5-10 minutes max for hair, per head, in the mornings. I hate waking them any earlier than necessary, what with busy schedules, etc, and want them to get sleep, versus having a full blown updo for school. This is why ponytails reign supreme folks–you are all in the same boat we are! Life is too short to have lengthy fabulous hair daily for school! What child wants to wake up an extra 30 minutes early to have spectacular hair!? ha ha ha……….This is one of my main reasons in starting this blog– to have a list so to speak, of quick but cute options for the mornings (Variety is my requirement in all areas of life!). And here you have it! Variety!
Pretty Hair is Fun: Half Up Hair Flower Pretty Hair is Fun: Half Up Hair Flower

Hairstyle Instructions:

All you need:
Two elastics
2-4 bobby pins
Comb and/or brush
Curling iron or wand if you want to curl the ends like I did with Aislyn’s hair.
5 minutes

~1. Gather half of the hair into mid height back ponytail. We did a side front part on Aislyn.

~2. I picked up half of her ponytail in the back, and did a simple 3 strand braid. I kept the braid loose as I braided, and pulled it wide as I went down.

~3. I fastened the end with a clear elastic.

~4. I wrapped the end of the braid around my finger, pulled it off into a circle, and then pinwheeled the braid in towards her head, keeping the elastic in the middle  (or center) of the braid, and laying each new circle of braid on top of the other- along the outer edge.

~5. Once I reached her head, I rolled the ‘flower in place, centering it over the ponytail base, and thus hiding it. Adjust any pieces, pull them wider to make the flower even.

~6. I bobby pinned the flower in place, one on each side of the flower, and then one additional for extra security.

~7. Hairspray and she is DONE!



Pretty Hair is Fun: Half Up Hair Flower Pretty Hair is Fun: Half Up Hair Flower

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