Pretty Hair is Fun: Braided Hair Headband


Pretty Hair is Fun: Braided Hair Headband Pretty Hair is Fun: Braided Hair Headband

This fun and easy hairstyle was sent to us by one of our facebook page fans.  Pretty Hair is Fun: Braided Hair Headband

What do you think of our version? I think this is really one of the most simple hairstyles– and if your hair is long enough, takes less than 5 minutes. You don’t even have to curl the ends……we were trying to match the picture better so we did. Love this hairdo! Pretty Hair is Fun: Braided Hair Headband

Back to School is here! Try out this super easy and cute braided hair headband style! This is a quick hairstyle perfect for school mornings, for long, medium, and even some shorter hair lengths. This hairstyle takes a maximum of 5 minutes (minus some curling if you choose like we’ve done here). It’s seriously so easy, you can do it everyday and look like you spent 30 minutes! If you can do a simple three strand braid– you can do this hairstyle!
For this hairstyle you will need:
5 minutes
2-3 clear elastics
curling tool if you wish to add curl (thermal spray too!)
Difficulty level: Beginner

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We used our Karmin wand to curl Aislyn’s hair. You can find it here:

Hairstyle instructions:

~1. Part hair in front on side or center part, to just BEFORE the ear, on both sides.

~2. Pull hair that you’ve sectioned off and clip out of the way. Next section off a large chunk behind her ear, and underneath, making the piece fairly thick–to make a thicker braid for the headband.

~3. Braid this section loosely, pulling it wide as you braid. Braid to the ends and secure with a clear elastic.

~4. Pull this braid up and over, laying it on the part line where you parted off the front section.

~5. Bring it to where it ends, and anchor it to the head, grabbing a small section of hair from the head, and fastening the two parts together with a clear elastic. Hopefully this will be by the ear or below. Try to hide the end in an inconspicuous spot. If the hair is too short to wrap completely over the head- try doing two braids, one on each side, and meeting in the middle on top of the head.

~6. You can leave the two front sections loose and/or tuck behind the ears. OR- you can take the two sections, and fasten them underneath the hair in the back with a clear elastic, like we’ve done here.

~7. Spray with some spray and you are done!!


Pretty Hair is Fun: Braided Hair Headband

If  you do try this one out– we’d love to see it! Tag it #phifhairheadband and post it on Instagram! When do your kids start school!?

We have one more week of playing, then it’s back to the grind. It seems like once I’ve gotten used to having them home, and we are really getting into our summer groove, then it’s over and we’ve got to readjust once again. Melancholy days. 🙂 Enjoy those kiddos– they grow too fast!!