Pretty Hair is Fun: Travel Size Hair Tools Review

Are They Worth It?


Pretty Hair is Fun: Travel Size Hair Tools-- Are They Worth It?

I am going on a SUPER FANTABULOUS ย trip in a month or so, and I am scrambling to get prepped and ready for it! One of my biggest challenges is fitting everything into a carry on (!) bag (and a backpack), for TWO WEEKS. I’m going to be hauling it around a lot myself, so it’s got to be manageable, and of course, it has TO FIT! One of my husband’s biggest pet peeves with me and the girls is the space we take up with all of our ‘hair stuff’. I mean, of COURSE, I can manage it– I just choose NOT to when I can throw a bag in the car and go! (He does all the car packing–so he just really hates organizing it– whatever mister I just brush my teeth and I’m ready). ๐Ÿ™‚ SO– he is just enjoying watching me have to downsize and contemplate this puny bag I’m going to use.

Which brings me to my point! I began shopping around for compact/travel size hair tools. I have only searched locally, rather than dealing with online shipping back and forth (I gotta minimize everything peeps–I do have kids to take care of!) and these little beauties were my best finds. I’m not saying they are the ONLY finds– there really are some great options on Amazon–if you have the time to do the back and forthing. This video is more on the IDEA, and then of course, on whether the tools I found are feasible for me.

My three categories to judge the tools are:

1. Performance (does it do the job!?)
2. Size (is it small enough to make a real difference?)
3. Cost (is the price inexpensive enough to justify a replacement tool?)
See what you think of my two finds! I shopped around and the hair tools I review are the ones I best thought could work (at the store)……..but trying them out at home is a whole different story…

I bought: Revlon Compact Hair Dryer
GVP Travel Size Flat Iron

These are my two flat irons:
Pretty Hair is Fun: Travel Size Hair Tools-- Are They Worth It?

I use my red one most of the time. I love this iron– from Irresistible Me. It works great for curling and for straightening. I am very undecided about how to ‘do’ my hair throughout this trip as well. I want to be out sightseeing and exploring–not necessarily curling my hair everyday. BUT-since I decided to chop it at the beginning of the summer– my options for ponytails and clipping it up are a little more restricted. So– I thought having an iron that could give me a hairstyle for about 3 days was a great option (my current flat iron’s curls last for about 3 days–totally awesome).


Here’s my thoughts on the ‘travel size’ iron I bought from Sally’s. It really is a great little iron. It gets hot (420 degrees), and the plates are nice and wide, and I can do curls with it as well as straighten. I’ve tested it at least a dozen times and overall it’s been satisfactory. So performance- check. There are a few negatives when using it however…….The small size handle doesn’t give my hand much room, so the heat from the plates does get to my hand. When I hold on to the outside of the plates as well, when curling, it does get very hot. I found I had to hold with both hands, so as to use less of my hand on the handle. There just isn’t much room on it where it doesn’t get hot. Not as fun to use after about 5 minutes.

Size: It is much smaller, but a little wider. If I use the handy little travel pouch it comes with, it bulks it up and when packing it next to my slimmer red one, it really doesn’t seem to make much difference. Undecided on this one.

Cost: This one I found for $15 ( I believe on clearance too–regular price was more like $20). Cost–check.


Pretty Hair is Fun: Travel Size Hair Tools-- Are They Worth It?

My two blow dryers:

Mine is on the right. It is a professional grade hair dryer, rather compact itself, and rather heavy. The Revlon on the left was much lighter, but NO difference in size! My husband started cracking up when I held them up next to each other! There was another style I liked with a folding handle, but the barrel was larger and the handle was ridiculously hard to fold up (unless I was doing it wrong–which is totally likely). So SIZE: Big fail.

Performance: It has two settings. Hi and Lo. The Hi setting burned my head and my hand and I couldn’t keep it on my hair for more than a few seconds at a time. The Lo was like someone blowing on my hair, and therefore, useless. Sadly in this category, another big fail.

Cost: We have a winner here! This dryer was only $10. But not even worth that. I really don’t know why anyone would buy this dryer for any reason. Ever.

Here’s the nitty gritty: Let’s see how they actually both fit in my carry on! Pretty Hair is Fun: Travel Size Hair Tools-- Are They Worth It?

You can really see the difference in the flat irons especially.

Have YOU used a travel size hair tool? Have you loved it? Hated it?? Share your finds here, and tell us all about them! Important stuff to know! ๐Ÿ™‚
Watch for upcoming photos and videos from my Europe trip in September. I’ll tag them #phifhairtravel. Post your pics with this hashtag and we’ll share together! Make sure to follow us on Instagram if you aren’t– and Happy Travels to you.

Can’t wait to share!!