Pretty Hair is Fun: Braided Flower Headband



We love all you beautiful mothers! Pretty Hair is Fun: How to do a Braided Flower Headband

I am seeing these braided flowers popping up (ha ha like flowers popping up in spring….ha ha….hokay….back to the hair ) all over instagram. Aren’t they eyecatching?! I have seen some exquisite flowers made of hair. This tutorial will teach you the basics, and then you can become a master braid flower maker!

You can use these braided flowers in many hairstyles–as part of a hair half up hairstyle, an updo, or to finish off any braided hairstyle. Perfect for prom, homecoming, weddings, everyday, school.

Hairstyle Instructions

~This is a easy to medium difficulty level

~For this hairstyle you will need:
5-10 minutes
3-4 bobby pins
1 elastic
Comb to part with, brush

I also did flat iron curls on the ends of Aislyn’s hair to finish off the hair.

~1. Part off a headband–part hair in front from ear to ear. Clip off hair in the back to get it out of the way.

~2. Brush headband hair to one side, and beginning by one ear, begin a Dutch braid.

~3. Once you reach the opposite side, pull the braid wide by pulling each loop of the braid out from the center. This makes the braid wider and look thicker.

~4. Braid the hair down to the ends after you’ve incorporated all the hair from the headband section.

~5. Pull the braid wide only on one side–choosing the side that will be on the outside of the spiral of your flower. So if I wrap to the left, I would pull the hair wide on the right.

~6. When you’ve finished the pulling and putting in an elastic, begin spiraling the end of the braid. I like to wrap the unbraided end around my finger first to create the spiral, then continue spiraling in, holding the center of the ‘flower’ tightly. This may take some practice to get it to look even and right. Spiral AWAY from her face.

~7. Once you’ve spiraled the braid up to the head, lay it where you want (half on the dutch braid and half off), bobby pin it in place. Try to weave the pins through as many loops of the braid as you can. Pin on 3-4 sides to be secure.

~8. Hairspray after adjusting your ‘petals’, and you are done!


Pretty Hair is Fun: How to do a Braided Flower Headband

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