Pretty Hair is Fun: 2 in 1 Fishtail Half Up Hairstyle


Option No. 1

Simple twisted tieback with a pulled fishtail braid

2-1 Fishtail Half Up_Hairstyle: Pretty Hair is Fun


Option No. 2

Simple twisted tieback with a fishtail bun 2-1 Fishtail Half Up_Hairstyle: Pretty Hair is Fun

I love versatility in hairstyles! After all, that is why we hunt Pinterest and YouTube for new styles right?! I equate it to a great recipe you know by heart– change a few ingredients and you have a different meal, but was so simple! There are probably another 2 or 3 ways to alter this basic style as well, but these are two ways we loved this last week. See below for the ultra simple instructions. 🙂

Hairstyle Instructions:

Materials Needed:

5-10 minutes (if you plan on curling/styling the rest of your hair–you’ll use 10 min).
Beginner hairstyling skills 🙂
A couple of elastics, a curling iron if desired, brush, comb, hairspray

~1. Curl ends of hair if you wish. Part hair in front to crown in center of head.

~2. Part from crown to slightly above ear. Comb section of hair back with fingers. Begin twisting section, rotating in towards head, until the twist reaches back center of head.

~3. Repeat on other side.

~4. Join the two twists together in the center back of head. Twists should not be tight.

~5. Begin a fishtail braid with the ponytail in center. Leave it loose. Pull wide when you have reached the ends of the hair. Refer to pictures for ideas.

~6. At this point, you can pull the twists from either side wide as well, to match fishtail, and arrange to your preference. This is Hairstyle no. 1.

~7. To make Hairstyle no. 2, simply take the fishtail braid and pick up the ends and wrap up and over the ponytail in the center of the twists. I tucked the end of the braid into the center of the loop I created.

~8. Pin the bun in place and pull braid/bun wide to arrange to your liking.

~9. Spray finished look with hairspray and you are done!

See what looks you can come up with after these two styles!!! And be sure to take a pic and share them! Tag it #phiffishtailhalfup. 🙂
2-1 Fishtail Half Up_Hairstyle: Pretty Hair is Fun