Pretty Hair is Fun: How to do a Knotted Fishtail Braid



Cute fishtail braid for everyday!


We love fishtail braids and this was a fun variation on the regular style!
pretty hair is fun: How to do a knotted fishtail braid tutorial

Learn this easy braid, the knotted fishtail braid in this tutorial. Wear this cute and different looking fishtail braid to school, for sports, or to work. It is casual, but can dress you up as well! We love fishtail braids,and were pleased to have a little something different to add to it. Variety is important, and so is the ease of a hairstyle.
Be sure to watch the end of our video for more fishtail braid suggestions!
This hairstyle works great on medium to long lengths of hair, will take about 10-15 minutes to complete, and is easy to medium in difficulty. You will need a brush or comb and an elastic to finish this off!

pretty hair is fun: How to do a knotted fishtail braid tutorial Hairstyle instructions:

Divide front of hair in one front section, ready for a french style braid. Divide in half, and tie sections in a knot. Begin a fishtail braid from two sections after knotting. Take a small piece from one side, and cross over to other, then repeat. Repeat again, and start adding in small pieces from remaining hair, like a french braid.

After fishtailing braid about 3 or 4 inches, tie another knot in hair. Continue process until end of hair.

We’d love to see your versions! #phifknottedfishtail

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