Pretty Hair is Fun: Valentine’s Day Hairstyle/ Twist Braid Heart

Valentine’s Day Hairstyle/ Twist Braid Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day and week! Hope you have some super fun stuff planned! This is a fun hairdo that we just love for the holiday.


This hairstyle will work great on almost any hair length too! The heart may be smaller, or you could even do two, if the locks are too short to meet in the middle. You will need a handful of elastics, and about 10 minutes, longer if you want to curl the rest of the hair. Try it out for a V-day party or dance! Have a marvelous holiday spending time with those you love. Please share YOUR favorite Valentine hairdo! Post it to my Facebook page, or tweet it to me, or email it! I would love to see and share! Follow us on Instagram! PrettyHairisfun. 




  1. marley says:

    Gorgeous Shaunell! Love this!

  2. Charlene says:

    Did this today, btw! My gal kept asking all last night, Can we do the heart tomorrow, can we can we? 🙂 Made her day! Thank you!!

  3. mava says:

    Love this hairdo, haven’t seen this one floating around……….in my pinterest searches earlier this month! 😉 We did it today!