Pretty Hair is Fun: How to do a Twist Braid Stuffed Buns Updo

How to do a Twist Braid and Stuffed Buns Updo

Hi gals! Here’s a cute little hairstyle that we tried out not too long ago! I just took pics this time (no video) since I’ve done videos on how to do all the techniques in this one! I’ll include links to my applicable videos though, if you haven’t seen them!

Twist Braid  and Stuffed Buns Updo

To start this one out, make a part from temple to temple, circling the head, and gather the hair into a pony on the left side. This is the top ponytail you see here, with the twist braid. Twist braid that hair and lay braid to the side. For the twist braids, I would spray the hair with water after it’s ponytailed and parted–unless the hair is thoroughly wet to start with.
Next, take the bottom third of the hair, and repeat first parting, making 3 sections of the hair. Clip off the middle section, and make a ponytail to the right side in the bottom section, and twist braid it as well.
Then divide the middle section in half, and make stuffed buns on either side. Next, take the top twist braid, and pull it to the right bun, and wrap it around the base, securing it with bobby pins. Do the same with the bottom twist braid, wrapping it around left bun and securing it.
Voila! you are done! Hope you enjoyed this cute and easy little girl’s hairstyle! Send me pictures of your versions!! I would love to see them!